It’s time!  The 2014 Call for Nominations Are Live.  Who will you nominate?  The nomination process is easy.  Just follow the directions below: (NOTE: GNB employee?  If so, please email us at for nomination forms.)

A Flashback to KIRA 2010

IMPORTANT Dates:  Nominations must be received by midnight of March 31, 2014.

Click on the following links to nominate a person/business in one of the following categories – be sure to complete all sections of the nomination form.

1. Export – Product(s) and/or Service(s) – click here

This award recognizes the work of a New Brunswick company that has successfully developed and delivered products or services beyond the borders of New Brunswick. The product or service must have been developed in New Brunswick but be in demand in markets outside the province.

2.  Most Promising Start-Up – click here

From a great idea to thinking outside the box in technical or managerial terms this award recognizes a company in business less than two years with something fresh to say in the marketplace or a new approach to an old need.   The field of endeavor is wide open as long as the company is new.

3. Technological Advancement and/or Innovation (Public or Academic) – click here

This award recognizes an innovation or technological advancement in the public or academic sector over the past 12 months.  The innovation or technological advancement could be in the delivery of a service, the development of a product, or initiatives in the development stage (i.e. the application of emerging technologies or a research initiative). Initiatives undertaken through partnerships between the public, academic and/or private sector are also eligible.

4.  Special Recognition – click here

This award recognizes the contribution of an individual, an organization or a company who through their efforts have significantly impacted, supported and/or changed the landscape of the industry in our province.

5. Community Engagement and Industry Commitment – click here

This award recognizes the engagement of a New Brunswick company or the efforts of a group within the industry toward ensuring awareness of the industry and its positive impact on communities and/or the province overall.

6.  Technological Advancement and/or Innovation (Private)  – click here

This award recognizes a successful launch of an innovative product or service by a private sector company or organization over the past 12 months.  Products or initiatives could be at the development stage (i.e. the application of emerging technologies).   Established companies investing in research and development of new technologies and innovations are also eligible.